Thursday, March 17, 2011


The objective of this blog is to preserve my thoughts, ideas, and photos. I was at SXSW today and I kept emailing myself ideas and then sending replies to my own emails. The blog will keep things nice, neat, and archived.

SXSW is an incredible event. Naoko and I arrived at the Austin Four Seasons at 6AM for a live concert in the ballroom. The crowd was as mixed as one can get. College kids drinking bloody marys, families with babies in diapers, high school kids, and senior citizens. When I first moved to Austin I was surprised to see infants at rock concerts. Now I am used to it. There were about 1,000 people eating breakfast tacos and drinking vodka or coffee. This is why I love Austin. The social group that is Austin allows people to be individual and original. People may judge you, but not to your face.
I like an environment where people are sitting on the floor or the ground. People sitting on the floor is relaxing to me. When I walk into a bookstore and see people sitting on the floor reading I get a warm feeling all over. At the Four Seasons people took seats on the floor. It was great.
What does the color of clothing do to a crowd. Today is also St. Pattys day. There was lots of green. I need to read more about how colors affect us.
So I was wondering what if the ballroom was only half full. Would the music sound as good? I think Dan Ariely did a study on the effect of a line outside of a coffeeshop. There is a line out the door of the coffeeshop. It must be good! (or they are short-handed).
This blog is going to mainly focus on Social Science, but I am sure other things will be mixed in. until next time.alex.

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