Sunday, May 22, 2011


3000mg of Taurine anyone?? I will stick with coffee...

The big Glico billboard in Shinsaibashi. Osaka`s main shopping area.

Shinsaibashi side street

The famous Osaka crab

These shopping arcades are great. The air can move through, but the covering protects shoppers from rain and snow.

Truck yarou or truck guy. This guy got so happy that I took a picture of his truck. Clean chrome always looks nice...

This is a ticket shop. I don`t quite understand the system yet, but I know that we buy train tickets cheaper than what is sold at the station. They sell tickets to almost anything.

Fat food.... I haven`t tried this place yet, but it is cheap...

Shinsaibashi is the main shopping area of Osaka. Namba is the south station of Shinsaibashi.

I stared at this hill all afternoon. The hill has stripes of bamboo stands and many different shades of green. This picture is from the rooftop deck of my friend`s house. The building in the middle is a Buddhist temple. This is on the south side of Osaka. The train ride out there took us past many farms and country houses.

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