Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A walk around

Eriobotrya japonica
I started the day with a biwa (loquat). I have never seen these for sale in the US, but I know a lot of people grow them in their yards in Austin. These loquats were a little bigger than a golf ball.
We bought a whole tray (about 48 pieces) for 800 yen(roughly 8 bucks) down at the wholesale market. We went to the docks the other day, but I didn`t have my camera with me. There was a ton of fish, fruit, and veggies. I will go back to get a few pictures another day.


  really loud Kawasaki Z1000.

Coop Living. This is a Japanese home and home improvement store. It is not like the big orange or blue home stores we have in the US. The service here is great.

This car has been in the same spot for the last five years I think. I don`t think anyone could afford to run this thing with the price of gas. 150yen/liter.

A pretty cool Toyota Vellfire van.

This is my favorite udon shop. Tokumasa. Curry Udon

Vending machines.. what do you want to buy?

Sake(rice wine) 200 yen.

Cold beer?

A nice Silvia...

This was a pretty cool urban garden I found. Lots of onions and tomatoes.

A nice little coffee shop.  In business in Kobe since 1946. They roast their own coffee.

A nice breakfast set. Iced coffee and a thick slice of soft, chewy toast. 400 yen.

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