Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sushi, Garden, and Sake

We went to dinner at a kaitenzushi restaurant. You may know it as conveyor belt sushi.

This place was great! The most popular dishes cruise down the belt. You can special order your favorite dishes by touch screen at the table.

This is matcha, or green tea powder, that is on every table. You mix a small amount with hot water from the spout on the table to make your own tea. I love this stuff. I drank about six cups. I don`t think this system would work in the States. Someone would burn themself on the hot water and sue the joint.

Very tender pork simmered with sake and soy sauce.

Ika or squid. Maybe cuddlefish.  Very soft and easy to eat. We had a few plates of this one.

A special pork dish heading down the line.

When you are finished, you press a button at your table and a staff member comes over to count your plates. She prints out a check tableside and you pay at the front door.

Naturally, we stopped by a yasai-ya (vegetable shop) on the way home to get a few things for breakfast.

This is the butter we keep at the house.

This is chirimen. A small fish, dried, and slightly salty. It is nice to put on a salad.

A water lily we found near the house.

These are some flowers we snapped shots of at a community garden. Any help identifying these flowers would be appreciated.

Kiku-masamune. A famous sake brewery in Nada. We went to the museum in Sumiyoshi.

These are a few sake barrels they had in front of the museum. The original brewery was founded in 1659.


  1. I know most of the flowers. astromeria,lily, pansy, dahlia, corn flower, ?, Calla lily,coreopsis,?, and rose. The food this time was really exotic. The live fish took me by surprise.
    Did you get my last post about moss?

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG... I wish I was there with you guys!!!